New EU-6 vest

The new EU-6 airbag vest is the jewel in the crown of our product range for motorcycle and scooter riders. You can now pre-order your model. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

The French Gendarmerie opts for hit-air

Following extensive testing, the French Gendarmerie is equipping all of its gendarmes with hit-air airbag vests in order to ensure they have the best possible protection.

Strategic partnership with Bâloise Assurances

Bâloise has been one of the leading companies in the area of safety and risk prevention for many years. In this context, it has developed a practical modular concept and assists both pri-vate individuals and companies with protection issues. Its modules include, for example:

  • Household insurance safety module
  • Vehicle insurance safety module
  • Corporate safety module

In addition to this, Bâloise offers its members certain solutions and services that have been specially designed for private individuals and tailored to them through its « BALOISE WORLD OF SAFETY » concept. You will find specific, innovative safety solutions in its MYBALOISE SAFETY CLUB.
Parallel to this, Hit-Air Switzerland is very active in promoting greater safety in the areas of equestrian sport and motorsport, and also offers, for example, personalised airbags for maxi-mum protection from falls.

Given the common safety objectives, we are delighted to announce that branded hit-air pro-ducts have been added to the myBâloise Safety Club.

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