Dear Customers,

Equipped with a hit-air airbag jacket, a biker brought us a story that happened to him recently.

Concerned about your safety and your health, we believe useful to relate his accident to you in a shortened manner.

While doing a ballad, during a stop he made to admire the view, the motorbike of this user has tipped over. The tension on the coiled-wire has, naturally, triggered the air bag system that inflated instantly.

The user was wearing, close to the body and directly under his airbag vest, a mobile phone. As a consequence, the pressure for the inflation of the airbag has caused injury to the user resulting in two broken ribs.

We ask you, therefore, to imperatively observe the following recommendations::

  1. Do not wear any object under the Hit-Air vest that could likely cause traumatism and/or injury while inflation of the airbag.
  2. The jacket should be comfortable to wear. Never ever le it be too tight it or choose an inadequate size.
  3. Do not miss to check annually the proper functioning of the airbag system by manually triggering the coiled wire attached to the vest.
  4. Take care of your vest by regularly cleaning and by storing it after use on a coat hanger in a dry place.
  5. Do not wear any clothes or backpack over the vest that could prevent or hinder the natural deployment of the airbag.

We of course wish a speedy recovery to our biker friend.

To all of you, be very careful.

Please respect these safety instructions as well as those of the codes of conduct on the road.

These instructions remain valid also for our horse riding friends, especially while falls off the horse.