Size chart


ceintureAll of our models have an adjustable belt for a better fit.

reflexSome models have reflective Lumidex® strips so that you can also be seen by drivers in the dark.

cartoucheThis symbol, which you will find on all of the products in our catalogue, corresponds to the type of gas cartridge you need for your model of vest. A 50cc cartridge is needed for the H model in size M, while a 60cc cartridge is needed for sizes L and XL.

cableA release cord attached to the holding strap of the saddle (equestrian sport models) or directly to the vehicle (motorsport models) is included with all of our models.

thoraxSome models may be equipped with an additional chest protector for better shock absorption in the chest area. This can be easily attached to the inside of the vest using Velcro bands.

dosBack protectors are available as accessories for all models and provide even greater protection for falls onto the back.

sidespecial cushions for the hips soften the impact to this sensitive area of the body.

CEAll of our products are tested and CE certified.