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Find and purchase hit-air products right here via our website. If you have any questions first, please contact us for a personal advice.


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Never keep blunt objects under your hit-air vest.

Read about what happened to a motorcyclist who was wearing an airbag vest and why it is so important to strictly observe the safety information and warnings.

Customer feedback

Hello, I bought two riding vests some time ago. I was a bit sceptical actually, but I liked the vest’s wearing comfort and that it was light… I had a bad fall while galloping yesterday and was thrown against a fence several metres away… It felt like landing on an airbed. ;)) no bang, no pain, nothing!!! Truly NOTHING!! Unbelievable!
It’s almost impossible to stand up initially as you feel a bit like the “Michelin Man”. So, you should wait a little while until some air has dissipated from the airbag. ;))
All the best and heartfelt thanks to the inventor

Horse-riderSwitzerland - July 2013

Thank you again. The HIT-AIR vest kept me from breaking a rib or possibly even something more serious when I had a motorcycle accident!
So, thanks to HIT-AIR for doing its job!

Motorcyclist France (order via Hit-Air Switzerland) - July 2013

Very good after the airbag was activated today when our daughter had a fall (the vest worked a treat) and for myself last weekend at a tournament […]

Parent of a young horse-rider Switzerland - May 2013

You are really super professional! We would all benefit if French mail-order companies took a leaf out of your book! Thank you again.

Horse-rider France (order via - November 2011

I bought an airbag vest from you some weeks ago. I had a fall yesterday and the effect of the vest was really unbelievable. Not even a bruise. Thank you

Horse-rider France (order via

Thank you! Very honest and obliging of you!!!
You will be receiving frequent orders from me – you have won me as a customer.
Greetings from Berlin

Motorcyclist Germany (order via - June 2012
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