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Hello, some time ago I bought 2 vests for riding. I didn't really believe it, but the comfort, the lightness suited me ...

Yesterday I took a superb slap at the gallop and I squirted several meters against a barrier ....

The only feeling I remember is the feeling of having landed on an inflatable mattress; :)) no shock, no pain, nothing !!!! But really NOTHING !! Sensational!

It is even almost impossible to get up because the vest gives a 'Bibandoum' feeling and it is better to wait for the vest to deflate a little ;.)).

Best regards and thanks to the inventor

Switzerland - July 2013

Thank you again and know that personally the HIT-AIR vest saved me two ribs and probably more during a fall from a motorcycle!

So thank you again to HIT-AIR for these efforts!

France - Order placed on hit-air.ch - July 2013

Very good, considering that we had a trigger by fall today for our daughter (the vest did wonders) and one in the contest for me last weekend [...]

Parent of a horsewoman
Suisse - mai 2013

You are really very professional! If the French distance traders could follow your example, everyone would benefit, really! Thanks again.

France - Order placed on hit-air.ch - November 2011

I bought an air bag vest from you a few weeks ago. Yesterday I fell and its effectiveness was incredible. No contusion. Thank you

France - Order placed on hit-air.ch

Thank you ! Very honest and helpful from you !!!
I will order more often from you - you have me as a customer for sure.
Greetings from Berlin (Translated from German)

Germany - Order placed on hit-air.ch - June 2012

Police Corps in Switzerland

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